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Grammer's 45th Anniversary

Grammer consolidates its leadership in Querétaro and celebrates 45 years

The Secretary of Government, Guadalupe Murguía Gutiérrez, representing the Governor, Mauricio Kuri González, headed the ceremony of the 45th anniversary of the Grammer Querétaro plant, from which he recognized the leadership of the German company as an innovative global partner and supplier of auto parts worldwide, in addition to being an important source of employment for the entity.

Guadalupe Murguía congratulated the directors on this anniversary and highlighted that Grammer, is a leading company in the development and manufacture of automotive systems and components of the main brands of all-terrain vehicles, trucks, buses, and trains in the world.

She highlighted that the plant in Querétaro generates 1,750 employees, of which 80 percent are women, for the production of more than 1,700 world-class automotive components.

Both Querétaro and the company strengthened through this leadership in the automotive industry and I have no choice but to recognize the effort that the company Grammer Mexico makes to carry out its daily work, to motivate its workers, to include them in a dynamic of continuous improvement and better living conditions”, she said.

Murguía Gutiérrez recalled that when investors seek to start operations in Mexico, they carefully analyze how and where to establish their business, which includes, the infrastructure, the quality of life, the legal certainty, and, above all, the quality of human resources.

For this reason, she thanked Grammer's confidence in establishing itself in Querétaro, a state that counts and offers the necessary conditions to provide legal certainty, through clear rules, respect, and transparency.

The president of Grammer Americas, Nilesh Soni, assured that the plant in Querétaro is the crown jewel for the German group, as a result of the effort of all its staff over the years and its focus on continuous improvement in the production processes.

He anticipated that they have a strong development plan for the next five years, especially in Mexico and Querétaro. This includes the opening of a Technical Center in the state, which will soon provide support and advice to all plants in the country.

Several personalities attended the ceremony as the president of the Automotriz Cluster, Renato Villaseñor; Grammer Americas Vice President of Human Resources, Mark Dickinson; Vice President of Operations, Robert Turner, and the manager of the Querétaro plant, Julio Páez, just to mention some of them.


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