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Kuri meets with the US Ambassador.

Kenneth Salazar recognizes Querétaro's competitive advantage.

Kuri taking Querétaro to another level.

The Governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri González, received His Excellency Mr. Kenneth Lee Salazar, Ambassador of the United States of America in Mexico, at the Palacio de la Corregidora, with whom he discussed the competitive advantages of the entity in terms of economic development, clean energy and security; in addition to agreeing on the challenges that must be faced with unity, to build a better future for the next generations.

The state governor referred that the relationship between Querétaro and North America is one of the most important, since 32 percent of the foreign investment that has come to the entity comes from the United States; which represents almost seven billion dollars in the last 23 years.

“For Querétaro, it is essential to continue working on this relationship with the Embassy. They have supported us a lot with certifications for the prisons, and support in security issues. I hope this will continue to increase with this visit that the ambassador is making here”, he pointed out.

Kuri González deeply regretted the news about the migrants who were found lifeless inside a trailer box, in San Antonio, Texas; and he expressed his condolences to all those who lost a family member in this event, regardless of their nationality. He added that to prevent tragedies like this, it is necessary to work together, as partners and neighbors, to provide security, dignity, and opportunity to people in every region.

In his message, the ambassador of the United States of America in Mexico, Kenneth Lee Salazar, emphasized that the relationship between the United States of America and Querétaro is forever since the optimism to face different problems has led them to agree on the same objective: improve people's conditions and ensure their future.

“I come here to Querétaro with optimism and humility to have the opportunity to work with the governor and his cabinet team because we serve the people."

The diplomat recognized the actions in security, criminal matters, and investment attraction that have distinguished Querétaro from other entities. In this vein, he reiterated his willingness to continue working in unity to address the challenges that impact the state, Mexico, and the United States.

“I wanted to come here to Querétaro because we are setting a good example here, and we work for the states throughout Mexico,” he said.

Regarding the migration issue, he pointed out that it is a great challenge in which Mexico and the United States must work on a joint plan that transcends borders and protects people, with humanitarian treatment.

On his occasion, the Secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, pointed out that there are currently 559 companies with capital of United States origin installed in the state, which are dedicated to professional services, consulting, manufacturing of auto parts, and real estate, and affirmed that work is already being done so that new North American investments settle in the entity.

The chief of staff, Rogelio Vega Vázquez Mellado, was present at the press conference; the Secretary of Government, María Guadalupe Murguía Gutiérrez; representatives of the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico, among other guests.

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